What mean ye?

I just finished a long conversation with one of my cats. We are having a bit of a disagreement. My cat thinks my legs are scratching posts, I think my screams of agony are reasonable demonstration that they are not.

My cats also like to try to smother me while I'm sleeping, hiss at me when I pet them (though they run away when I hiss back), turn off my computer, and in general endeavor to make my life more difficult when opportunities of bringing it to an untimely end are in short supply.

In return, I feed them, pet them, shelter them, defend them, carry them around the house, and catch them moths.

Thus, I present an announcement to the conservative blogosphere: I think I have made a break through in understanding liberals. They are to America as my cats are to me. Once we understand "meooooooooowwrrrr" we will understand Nancy Pelosi.