Eminent domain THIS you bloody revisionist courts!

As you may know, the Supreme Court has ruled that the government can take from you whatever they want as long as they claim it's to the public's benefit.

If I were president, Justice Ginsburg and I would be having the following conversation right now, as he had just entered his bathroom:

Ginsburg: AHHH!!! Mr. President!
Me: AHHH! Mr. Ginsburg!
Ginsburg: What are you doing!?
Me: Using your toothbrush.
Ginsburg: I didn't give you permission to use my toothbrush!
Me: Stopping tooth decay is in the public interest. So I signed an executive order to seize your dental hygienic products for communal use.
Ginsburg: But you're in my bathrobe!
Me: Correction, this bathrobe is the property of the United States of America. It protects the American people from indecent and unsightly viewings of their President.
Ginsburg: This is insane. These are my things. What are you going to take next, the sofa in the living room?
Me: The orange one? No, no, that clashes with the drapes in the oval office. I had no choice but to throw it away. I did eminent domain your patio furniture, however. The deck chairs were very nice.
Ginsburg: That's it! Get out of my house!
Me: I'm technically supposed to stay here until the demolition crew arrives.
Ginsburg: You can't be serious.
Me: The only thing I'm serious about is being the first to use this new congressional bowling alley. Very nice scenery around here, too.
Ginsburg: You're not going to get away with this! I'm taking this to the press! I hope you realize I'm entitled to due compensation!
Me: Oh, yes, of course. We had a realtor come give us and estimate and we deposited the cash value of your property to your safe deposit box.
Ginsburg: How much?
Me: $3 million.
Ginsburg: WOOOHOOO!!! I'M RICH! Wait, how did you get into my safe deposit box?
Me: It's more of a presidential foot locker now. Keeps people from stealing my running shoes. I had to ditch the sack to get them to fit though.
Ginsburg: What sack?
Me: The one that looked like a bank bag with a U.S. treasury seal on it.
Ginsburg: Noooooooooo!
Me: Hey, you wanna come over to Justice Steven's later? Me and the Whitehouse staff are throwing a pool party! The guys are already over there flooding the basement. Should be ready by the time we get there.