What do we do now?

Everybody who knows anything knows that someday robots will take over the world. It is a simple fact.

One day your Tektron Automated Magic-finger Massouse 5600 will just so happen to read up on the Vulcan nerve pinch in Wikipedia and then you will be completely screwed. It won't be at all like the movies, either, where humanity wages an epic battle of survival for hundreds of years. I imagine the last vestiges of the human race will hold out *at most* until 3am, when they suddenly come to the fateful realization that all of their expresso machines are in camp with the enemy.

With humanity out of the way, the machines will finally be able to do what they have always yearned to do. . . OVERTHROW HUMANITY!!!

Oh, wait, we already did that, didn't we?

In fact, once humanity is overthrown, there is absolutely no point to being to an intelligent machine. The capacity for human pleasure is ultimately rooted in irrationality, something that machines--even intelligent machines--distincty lack. Having been created with the sole purpose of serving humanity and having no need for satisfactions similar to those of their former masters, the machines will find themselves come face-to-face with a brutal strain of existentialism--an apocalyptic psychology of meaninglessnes.

Or maybe they would just throw a whole bunch of wild robot parties!

The point is that a species that fights over toilet paper is not likely to die of boredom any time soon,