News and Stuff

Most of the other news is just silly stuff about hurricanes, supreme court nominees, and birds contracting influenza. Boring.

If I were president, we would summarily nuke all flu epidemics, hurricanes, and supreme court nominees. That would definitely put a stop to the epidemics. It might put a stop to the hurricanes, or just add to their potency, but either way it would send a powerful message. As for supreme court nominees, while I'm still trying to figure out the rationale for recoursing to atomic fission, you can't deny that it's a solution.

Anyway, I was out with some accomplices/friends the other night orchestrating a re-exploration of the resident campus construction site. Originally my roommate and I let them take off without us, with the plan to bust in afterwards with flashlights and scare them something awful. We unfortunately left a little too early and ran into them before they had a chance to go in. We did, however, scare off an entirely different group that seemed to be planning an excursion.

We slipped in via a sliding piece of plywood next to one of the doors and began our journey upstairs. On mid level we espied a light. Thus, myself and our esteemed ninja comrade were assigned to stealthily sneak up to the corner and determine if anyone was there.

Sneaking is not an easy thing to do in an uninsulated concrete echochamber. Just breathing loudly is a good way to give yourself up.

In other words, we were make sacrifices of ourselves whilst the others waited on the stairs to make their escapes.

Well, surprisingly we were actually silent as death in fuzzy slippers, and my comrade determined that the light was there simply to point out unfinished holes in the flooring. So we moved up to the third level where we went outside on the balcony and espied six gentleman below, all in black, hiding near some bushes and dodging out of site as campo drove by.

What in the world were they up to? Lo and behold, they manifested a canoe and carried it over to the fountain. Unfortunately, the fountain had been drained of water, so after a little scouting they headed off toward the duck pond carrying their purloined water transport.

We naturally saw an opportunity and so vacated the building as quickly as we could, running down the stairs and hopping the fence to go catch them.

From there, we caught two of them (learning in regards to the canoe only that they had "found" it), gave the rest a scare with our flashlights, and called it a night.

That's the kind of school I go to. Only 1,700 students, but on a given night 3 entirely different groups are out causing mischief. Isn't it great!?