The Mall Ninja: Introduction

A cold chill ran through the air. The frigid darkness seemed sinister, oppressive. Gecko shivered as he stepped away from the air vent. They always left the air conditioning on at night. They usually left the lights on too, but Gecko turned them off so he could use the starlight scope on his PSG-1.


Gecko cursed as he tripped over a miscreant toy box. Turning off the lights also had its disadvantages.

Adjusting the sights on his MP5K-PDW--he was always recalibrating them--he scanned the mall grounds suspiciously. You never could be too careful. In this kind of job, you made enemies, and not the kind of enemies who spread nasty rumors about you at the water fountain. No, these were the kind of enemies who wouldn't hesitate a single moment to shoot you given a clear shot. But Gecko made sure that didn't happen. In fifteen years of mall security he had only sustained three gun shot and five knife wounds. In this business, that was what you called lucky.


Gecko cursed again, as shards of a cabbage patch kid reigned to the floor a mere 20 yards in front of him. The sights for his MP5K were 2-inches off. Now he would have to fix the calibration and clean up a nasty mess before the day shift.

It was a thankless job, but Gecko loved it. The public didn't appreciate the risks he and other mall security took to defend them against the perils of a society inebriate with corruption. They didn't understand how the economy would collapse if the escalators were not kept moving, how many millions would starve if the food court was not kept safe, how many amps Gecko had running to the central fountain to keep little kids from stealing loose change from it... it was all beyond them. Only the League of Dimly Lit Corridors--an elite society of mall police possessing an absurd armament of high-power weapons--kept civilization from crumbling to its knees.

Like a fiercesome tiger, Gecko crouched in the shadows and licked himself.

No one was going to get by tonight. No one.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about guns. I don't even know what an MP5K-PDW is, just that my character has one. So don't get too incensed if I say something blatantly ignorant about the firearms in question.