How My School Saved the World

So, I saw War of the Worlds with good old Dad yesterday. It was a pretty decent special effects bonanza, and did a good job of maintaining atmosphere, although as far as storyline goes I'm still partial to the original.

But I got to thinking... what microbe would be so kickin' that it could immediately adapt to extraterestrial physiologies and wipe out an entire race? Where would it come from?

My highschool friends would immediately know the answer to this question: the bandroom floor.

The way I figure it, one of those alien scouting crews happened to be investigating Eldorado's music hall. One of the little ones, not knowing any better, discovered a long forgotten tootsie pop. You know, one of the ones that spends five years near the gravitational minimum where all the spitvalve juice runs off too. None of the cleaning staff had yet had the courage to come close enough to toss it, until Little Alien comes and pops it in its mouth.

It probably got some kind of AIDS-ebola-influenza-plague hybrid, and the only reason it didn't drop dead flatoff was because by this time the tootsie pop was sprouting some serious mutant-penicillin all over.

Hence, in the future, when the bloody thirsty invading aliens in their invincible machines all spontaneously drop dead of a slew of unfathomably awful diseases, remember who to thank.