I'm back!

And man, does packing suck. I spent 5-7 hours pack all my stuff Thursday, several more hours moving everything into the vehicular transport, then even more time moving all the stuff inside. Needless to say, it is all still in boxes... where it's going to stay until archaeologists dig it up because there's no way I'm sorting through it all again.

I did permit myself a small number of distractions during finals week. One of them was with another 419 scammer, "Mrs. Attah," who sent me an email with her phone number and a request to help transfer funds into the country. Not even having to work to get the number, I couldn't resist capitalizing on the opportunity. ;)

Anyway, 'she' is quite obviously a 'he' trying to fake a woman's voice. Unfortunately, that makes him impossible to understand. Conversations consists of me listenting for half a minute, picking up a word or two, and then using that to keep things going until he gets annoyed. FYI, I've adopted a ludicrous Texan accent for the purpose of conversing: I'll post some *.wav or *.mp3 files later.

In recent emails "Mrs. Attah" seems to have developed an identity crisis as she now signs her name as "Mrs. Williams." Hmm... Well, as long as I get my percent of the cut!

I've actually gotten a little bored of playing him on... not to much to do when you can't understand each other. So now I've taken to just calling him regularly at 10:00pm MST, which I've determined to be 4am his time. The only words I discerned out of our last conversation were "4am" and "bad bad bad bad!"

Now I'm going to start calling him every hour, so he can't sleep unless he disconnects his phone (rendering it inoperable for other scams, or, at least, him very very sleepy!).

If you want to help out, this is his number: 0022507876396

Email me any conversations if you want me to post them! Or just call at an odd hour and hang up!