Heroism and Foolery

Quite a round-up for today. First off, let's all take a moment to pay homage to this marine who gave his life for his comrades.

"Peralta fell to the floor near the breach, Morrison said. Moments later, an insurgent rolled a fragmentation grenade into the area where Peralta and the other Marines were seeking cover.
As Morrison and another Marine scrambled to escape the blast, pounding against a locked door, Peralta, still conscious, grabbed the grenade and cradled it into his body, Morrison said."

I am reminded of John 15:13 "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

To tell you the truth, I find myself envious.

God bless our armed forces.

If that doesn't brighten your day, this certainly should:

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Bemused diners watched as three hapless thieves unsuccessfully tried to kick open a sliding door in a botched attempt to rob an Australian seafood restaurant, police said on Monday.
Police said about 20 diners watched as the men, one of whom was carrying a knife, tried to push open the door of the restaurant in the coastal village of Gerringong, 140 km (85 miles) south of Sydney, and then began kicking the glass.
"The door's open, the sign says 'Slide' but obviously with their balaclavas they couldn't read too well," Moore said.
Diners were given complimentary bottles of wine after the bizarre episode.

Stories like that make me want to turn to a life of crime.

In much scarier news, "Bearded Woman Tries to Preach in Mosque".

Now, I don't know much about Islam, but I think there are rules about women preaching in mosques. Like, they have to shave first. Or something.

This doctor "missed 45 stab wounds"; diagnosing his patient's cause of death as "old age". Talk about lazy, he probably blames all his patients' deaths on old age. Well, they're dead, no complaints I suppose.

A secret communist complex was found in Belgrade. Those crazy communists! They were so paranoid the didn't even tell themselves about it!

Neat writing foils a prescription forgery. Sheesh. This dolt probably spent half his life in detention wondering how the teacher knew his doctor's note was fake. Everybody knows that when you forge a signature, it's gotta be fast and sloppy.

Oh, this is rich: Saddam lawyers may sue U.S. for war crimes. He kills 300,000 people and he wants to sue us? This is why I think the whole show-trial thing is rather silly. Everyone knows Saddam is guilty, and when you get right down to it, the court doesn't really have a legitimate authority to put the ex-dictator on trial anyway (not that I object, mind you), so why bother? Personally, if I had found Saddam in that little rathole, I would have been calling over the boys to go get the cement truck.

This won't suprise New Yorkers one bit, but an Australian cabbie turns out to be a terrorist.

Hey, if you wanted to make a video game that was the most tasteless, digusting,historical gimmick ever, what would it be? If you said some thing along the line of "Ram the Hijacked Airliner into the Towers", you would only be one generation off: "Kennedy Assassination Video Game". What really irks me is that these creeps are going to make money off this. The game won't even run under my operating system (Linux) but maybe I'll download the demo, just to eat their bandwidth. In fact, maybe I'll download it... several thousand times!

while [ "1" == "1" ]; do
wget -nd
http://depository.jfkreloaded.com/JFKReloaded_1.01.zip -O /dev/null
sleep 2m


(that script should work for all you Linux and Mac users out there)