I saw "HERO" with some friends last night.

So, some Chinese guy is standing before the emporer and he's killed three deadly assassins. The emperor is like "Hey! How'd you do that!?" and so they go into a long story sequence of how he killed each one of them. Then the emporer (who is very paranoid) says, "I don't believe you! It was all a trick to get close to me so you could kill me!" Then we go through all of the story sequences again, but from the emporer's conjecture. Then the Chinese guy says "Wow! That's true! How'd you know all that? But that's not exactly how it happened!" So we go through the story sequences again, but this time it's what really happened. Keep in mind that each story consists almost entirely of mad kung fu fighting, and it's all about how the assassin has dedicated his life to avenging his family's death (killed by the emporer) and conconcted an elaborate plan to assassinate him. But then he's like "You know what? Forget this. I'm gonna let you execute me."

So the emporer does, and a guy with a horse rides back to let the other assassins know the emporer is still alive, and, realizing that the other guy could not have failed, they fight and both end up commiting suicide.

The point of this movie? Something about calligraphy.