Evil Chartwells Strikes Again

Today was a bad day. And I blame yesterday. Both of whom have probably made various conspiracies together with tomorrow.

Today I was rather sick, with my head expressing an interest in escaping from its cranial imprisonment, and my body elevating its temperature in a defensive move to cook the would-be escapee.

I felt rather faint standing up and went back to bed where I slept for the rest of the day, missing all of my classes. I woke up late afternoon and went to dinner, then came back and went to bed.

And if I were to pin the cause of my ailment on anything, it's from a piece of rotten cantalope I ate at Chartwells yesterday. It tasted nasty, but with Chartwells, that isn't really a tip off. It wasn't till I looked down and saw that it was in the early stages of decay that stopped eating it.

So, yeah, chalk up another point to Chartwells. In the war against edibility, their food is the emetic of choice.