Ever seen a lawn mower do loopty-loops in the air before?

Presenting the flying lawnmore: link, and backup link. (story here)

Also, this is kind of a cute video apparently made by an art school: Once Upon a Time.

If you remember Matrix Ping Pong, Pepsi Can Fu uses the same technique to portray two roommates duking it out.

A flash animation that just might make you cry.

Another pseudo-love story.

Did you realize windows could be so musical? (Takes a while to get to the actual music.)

Star wars gangsta rap

And, to wrap things up: the unforgettable classic.

Probably mostly stuff everyone has seen before, but I'm afraid that will have to hold you over the weekend, because I plan on doing homework the next two days! (Really!)

(And if you didn't check it out the last time I posted it, definitely watch Bathtime in Clerkenwell which is just genius).