Computer? What computer?

I've spent the past day-and-a-half trying to rescue my computer from the abyss.

Something screwed up the partition tables. Then I screwed up the partition tables. Then I downloaded and ran a repair program that automatically screwed up the partition tables. By the end of it, My eight partitions were somehow transfigured into two partitions and a load of free space.

Fortunately, I had copied down the original (incorrect) partition table from sfdisk and manually reset each one. Then, using KNOPPIX I was able to mount my primary linux partition and my roommate kindly allowed me to back up all my data to his computer over the network.

Speaking of my roommate, he has been missing all day. First missing partition tables, now a missing roommate. It's a conspiracy I tell you.

Anyway, I will hopefully have everything worked out by tomorrow. Everything that could possibly go wrong with repairing my computer already has, so it's downhill from here all the way to the gator pit.