Back in business!

After no end of trouble, I am up and running with beautiful Fedora Core 3. So sad that my files didn't come along for the ride...

Well, at the moment I am in the process of restoring most of them from my roommate's computer.

I have some bad news. It looks like the Europeans are eyeing the moon. As if it wasn't already an unhabitable wasteland lacking both in breathable atmosphere and cheesy tourist attractions; once the Europeans invade, it won't even be worth visiting anymore.

Fortunately, some have already made contingency plans.

Hey, maybe we could turn the moon into a penal colony. Kind of like Australia, only without oxygen. It would make a great place for murderers, drug dealers, and little girls who do cartwheels.

The best part is, there would be no way to escape, not even by lighting your pants of fire.

I really have to wonder what was going through that guy's head. "Hmm... I wonder how I could esape from prison? I could dig a tunnel, hide in the laundry cart, sneak out through the air ducks... wait! I know! I'll light my pants on fire!"

Maybe he was just a little chilly?

The Chinese are cracking down on the "ancient bloodsport of cricket fighting". I bet you thought crickets were pacifists, merrily chirping away their little songs of happiness. WRONG! They are bloodthirsty killers that will strip the flesh off your bones like piranhas. There are very few things in this world that scare me. One of those things is Richard Simmons. The other is crickets.

Well, have a fun weekend everyone. Homework beckons.