What to do in the event of impending apocalypse?

There's always lots of speculation about large earth-bound asteroids, global warming causing civilization to be consumed by a huge Hollywood special effects budget, some crazy guy trying to crash the moon into the earth. (Actually I don't know if that's been done yet, but I've certainly thought about doing it.)

But, what if the crazy people were right?

Personally, I would rather just carry on as normal. In fact, I take it pretty much as a given that I'm going to die eventually, but some people don't think that far ahead until the TV weatherman is on the news crying about how he is too good looking to be consumed in an inferno of meteoritic kinetic-energy transfer. And when that does happen, they start getting upset and looting and in general making a very big fuss of nothing.

So, in light of other's shortsighted panicky-ness, carrying on as normal might not be possible. I mean, I live in a small enough town that, well, there's really no place to loot except the local WalMart. And even that would not be worth trying to find a spot to park, so I could probably getaway with sleeping in through the whole ordeal.

On the other hand, in a larger city like my hometown, I imagine people would make themselves a big nuisance. "We're going to die! We're going to die! Waa waa waaa!" Don't these people realize that they only have a matter of ours to solve the Riemann Hypothesis? And here they are out making noise when I'm trying to sleep.

My only logical recourse, naturally, would be to take advantage of their fears and manipulate them for my own personal entertainment. I realize we're entering into something of a moral gray area, but I'm going to excuse this as my way of giving people a disincentive to capitulate to their fears.

But speaking of catastrophes, I have some math homework that has my name on and needs some jibberish squiggled underneath to make it academically acceptable.