It's a premonition!

Or maybe I just had too many cheez-its before going to bed.

The last part of my dream last night was about the new pope. Actually, it may have been just a general pope--he didn't really look like Ratzinger--and he was perhaps an incidental character in the dream. He also had a lot of eye shadow. Not like he was having a gender crisis or anything but more like war paint, or he was unimaginably tired. It made him seem sadistic but I could never figure out whether he was actually evil or not. If he was, he didn't do anything directly, he just influenced others.

There were several other characters, I don't know how to describe them other than as "spirits." These guys were definitely evil and darted around a lot. They didn't seem to be able to do anything to me. One did not move--this one was a statue in likeness to the well-known Roman bust of Augustus Caesar. It mostly just haranged me.

That was annoying, but eventually the statue began to crumble. It was still harrassing me but now I began to make fun of it. My jeers became much louder than the statue's and eventually it crumbled to dust and blew away.


I think it either means (1) cardinals should take extra care not to let the new pope get into their eye-liner or (2) we should all start making fun of statues to make sure they don't forget their place.