Hmm... it's been a while since I played with one of these guys. I used to just give them the phone and fax numbers from the CIA headquarters as my contact information. After a while, I got board of that and started playing headgames with them. Last summer I led a guy on for a month or so. Recently, I got a message in my inbox from "Barrister Zamas Uhuru, Personal Attorney to Mr.Rafeal Galvez , a national of Italy, who used to work with Shell Petroleum Development Company in Nigeria (SPDC)". His client died in a car crash, and he needs my help to collect the inheritance ($30 million). He's offering me 40%. (You can read the full email here).

Well, that sounds like a pretty good deal! Here was my response:

Dear Mr. Uhururu,  (note that I purposefully misspell his name)

I am most very sad to here about Mr.Rapheal Galvez and his wife and children.

I would be most happy to help you obtain the inheritance money. You say that I
will receive 40%.

This means $12 million, yes? Please verify that this is our agreement.

Please tell me how to help.

Shelton Engholm.

It looks like I have him hooked because he wrote back some lengthy diatribe that I'm not even going to bother to read.

He also sent me an official certificate of death for Mr. Raphael Gavez. Note that he listed his cause of death as "brain drain". Yikes, I didn't know you could die from that! Maybe I should stop studying so hard!

I'm going to wait a couple of days before emailing him back. Have to draw it out and make him impatient. ;)

Oh, and I did get email back from the Frenchman. He essentially said the same thing. I think the language barrier is proving a bit of a hurdle, hence, with the use of google language tools, I have made that problem even worse:

了不起的法国人! 我最高兴认识你用许多亲密的方式。我 最愉快获得将允许我渗入和征服你的国家的这签证技术。请告诉我 什么个弱点你的国家也许偶然有。谢谢

I will let you know if he writes back again.

Bon weekend!