They paid me money!

Wow, after three weeks, there is finally money is my bank account. Imagine that, paying your employees!

It's not a lot, but that ominous "-$5.83" in my balance is a bit intimidating for a fiscal conservative like me. Down with deficit spending!

I've had an interesting week. Yesterday, I judged a couple of debates at a speech tournament. I would have been there all day but my mom needed the car.

I really miss speech. Particularly, LD (philosophical debate). Of course, some people use dirty tactics. Like wearing very short skirts. Me, I could never pull off wearing a skirt. Heck, I doubt I could even pull one on.

On Friday I went exploring the sewers with a dear friend after a failed attempt to launch things using a homebuilt pneumatic cannon (the solenoid switch needed to be adjusted; I may have figured it out now). The sewers were pretty clean. We found sofas, mattresses, chairs, even a barbeque grill. There was a small table set up with a chair and two bottles of beer. One was empty, one was unopened. Poor chap probably got eaten by a cannibalistic hobo right in the middle of dinner.

Thankfully, despite signs of recent habitation, no one else was down there. Although, we did bring a PVC pipe and some rocket engines to defend ourselves.

Later, we rode around at Smiths in the little truck shopping cart designed for three year olds and watched "Napoleon Dynamite". Pretty swell!

I have so much work to finish up before I go back next week. Yikes. I probably won't get any of it done.

I really need to get the scholarships rolling so that good old Dad can actually afford to put me through college.