I've had some pretty dumb ideas myself before, but as regards the all time stupidest idea ever, I must cede to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who is trying to rally a people's revolt against democracy. He wants his followers to convince the government to reform so that they no longer have any say in government?

I'm going to have to revise my next Osama bin Pappy because at this point the real terrorists are more dense than my fictional, caricatured ones.

Seriously, these guys can't even pull off killing themselves.

"Doom! DOOM DOOOOOM!!!" -- say liberal newspapers quoting liberal scientists. These guys are just like Greek oracles. Greek oracle: "I predict DOOM! Now give me silver denarii." Liberal scientists: "I predict DOOM! Now give me grant money."

Some types of doom, however, do not warrant money, such as massive tsunamis. The district of Rogers High School has pulled the plug on students' Halo 2 tournament, the proceeds of which were going to tsunami relief efforts. Quoth I the insane woman, Karen Hanson, "When you look at what happened with Columbine, when you look at acts of violence against young people, I think anything we do that even looks like we're endorsing violence is not appropriate." This is the same district which banned dressing up on Halloween because of its insensitivity to Wiccans.

Halo 2 is not even a realistic game. You shoot *aliens* that are, if anything, quite comical in nature. These people are just nuts. They think that even seeing a gun will make you go out and kill people.

Personally, I'm more worried about the teachers going psycho and killing somebody.

Speaking of the questionably sane, Hollywood stars are pushing to get illegal immigrants drivers licenses. Personally, I think it's because after that it would be cake for illegal immigrants to illegally vote. Well, more cake than it is already. Or maybe they're just trying to be chummy with middle-aged Saudi Arabian hijackers; hijackers could get a lot farther in post-911 America if only they had some officialish looking identification from California.

In Dayton, Ohio, a reverend found a severely burnt, decapitated corpse in the church parking lot. They're pretty skimpy on the details. Mostly because there aren't any. If I were the forensics specialist, I would be tempted to be lazy and just write it off as a suicide.

Now you know why it was us at the beeches of Normandy. (Video of "French Marine Commandos doing beach landing and encountering a field expedient defensive system built by three USMC Lance Corporals")

Oh, and also check out this would-be suicide bomber. (Pointed out by Wizbang)

Lastly, I must relate the sad news that the supreme court has declined to reinstate the emergency law to save Terry Schiavo from termination (thank you Paulie World). I hope there's still a way to save this woman's life. is down right now, but if you google for "terri's fight" you can learn more about this woman's plight.