Spreading Knowledge for Your Edification

Did you know...
That Xenu is an evil alien warlord?
That he starred as an extra in the original "Freddy vs. Jason" flick?
That if Xenu were a kind of bicycle, he would be the kind that drops aliens in volcanos?
That "Xenu" means "bite the wax tadpole" in Chinese?
That Xenu's favorite color is the rich sanguine hue of the spilt blood of his enemies?
That he also took ballet in high school?
That his first job was as a fry cook at Tasty Burger?
That in a fight between Xenu and Aquaman, Xenu would command his followers to afflict Aquaman with their inadequate acting skills?
That Xenu???? is a copyrighted trademark of the Church of Scientology which cannot be used without their explicit permission?
That saying Xenu three times in front of a dark mirror will cause a squad of lawyers to appear?
That, according to Martha Stewart, Xenu's evil body thetans can be removed simply by rinsing with white wine followed by warm soapy water?
That on a tripple word score in Scrabble the word "Xenu" is worth 33 points?