Semi-annual Crappy Food Post

So, my friend was examing the abysmal food offered for our consumption, and was unable to conceal his face of disgust. The chef, noticing this, protested:
"Eat some! It is good food! Good food!"
At which one of the other cooking staff retorted,
"Hey, there's no need to lie to the kid."
The gentlemen's job is secure, however, as our head chef has been demoted, and some new manager guy has replaced him as the #1 man. You can tell he's management because he wears a dress shirt and tie whilst serving food. Unfortunately, I fear he might also think himself to be a cook, but then, he can't be worse than our present chef. I'm just glad that there is at least some bureauctratic shuffle going on to make it *look* like they're trying to solve the problem.

They also nixed the television sets around the cafeteria for some reason. You used to have a reasonable number of people in the cafeteria around dinner time because people would try to overlook the taste of the food by occupying their attention with "The Simpsons." Now it's almost dead. (Granted, part of that owes to the large number of incoming freshmen my school tends to annihilate first semester.)

Lately, I have procured a small bottle of vanilla and have been making milk shakes. In the next stage, I am going to procure an ice cream mixer and make ice cream, using Chartwell's own ice cream in place of ice.

They can try to drive us away with their ruddy food, but we'll see whose lives become more complicated!