Sean Penn... allies with Katrina?

There has been a lot of discussion and fun jabbing at Sean Penn and his failed publicity stunt lately. However, I do not think joking is warranted here. In fact, I think the situation is altogether much more serious than anyone else has anticipated.

Think about it. Who would really be dumb enough to set sail on a boat with a open hole in it? Unless he was dead stoned at the time, I think his motives were altogether more sinister. I think his boat was full of water to begin with. Sean was blatantly contributing to the flooding!

Probably, Katrina was not even a real hurricane, just some lame storm come in from the Atlanic. But the press hyped it up, and then when everyone evacuated or was hiding indoors, Sean Penn and his entourage got a bunch of plastic cups and started dumping water in New Orleans. By the time people were brave enough to begin venturing outside, Penn had already flooded the whole city.

Vote to impeach Sean Penn!

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