Poor Kids

Didn't have many trick-or-treaters come by this halloween. Which is to be expected. Starving college kids aren't exactly the best marks.

But we did get about five. Rather than candy, these lucky little bantlings received
(1) a roll of toilet paper
(2) a bar of soap
(3) a ruler
(4) a spoon
(5) a dollar bill

Surprisingly, the kid who received a dollar bill seemed to be the least enthusiastic. The other kids were all quite verbally ecstatic about what they received.

Campo/police (someone with flashing lights) gave a kid in an awesome commando outfit with a huge fake gun a hard time about his firearm. The other kids soon rushed to defend him. I should have gone down (I was on the balcony) and given him a nice "why can't you leave the poor kid alone you big mean man" lecture.

Hey, even if the gun *had* been real, that is hardly cause for objection. Halloween is a dangerous night for little kids to be out on the streets without their personal firearms handy.

The cafeteria continues to disappoint. Chartwells got renewed for their four year contract a month ago and you can guess what that did as far as motivating them to maintain the quality of the food.

A few observations:
If the cereal bowls are all missing, you may as well leave and spare yourself some trouble. Cereal is the last recourse when the Midas-touch of the chef transforms everything else in the cafeteria into undigestible refuse. As such, a lack of cereal bowls indicates a lack of edible food.

During lunch, the chef will sit down to eat. Watch carefully. DO NOT EAT THE MEAT IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE CHEF EAT THE MEAT. That is borderline suicidal behavior.
Usually, though, he just eats the prepackaged and re-heated stuff like the rest of us.

If you see a long line, stand in it. There may very well be something semi-digestible at the front.

If you wipe the glasses with a clean cloth, you will find that they have not been adequately washed. But then, you might have guessed this from the occasional plate on the dispenser rack that still has enough food remnants to identify the previous meal.

Do not worry about all the flies buzzing around. At this point, the ones that would land in the food have been naturally selected out of the population.

Truthfully, there are more other things that I should be talking about. However, I have no idea what they are. Maybe Bush's new SCOTUS nominee? But that really doesn't quite rank with the humanitarian crisis that is the Chartwells cafeteria.