Notte e giorno faticar, per chi nulla sa gradir

Which is Italian for "slaving night and day for one who nothing pleases."

Ah, the joys of work. I finished my first 9 hour shift today and it feels like my occipital lobes are trying to drill an escape hatch in my head. Only two more shifts to go tomorrow and Wednesday.

Oh, I am trying to pick up Italian by the way. I have been working on German and French, and I found that I had a libretto to Don Giovanni written in English, Italian, German, and French (the opera itself is in Italian). So studying this libretto gives me an opportunity to work on my German and French while picking up a third language! I might substitute this for Latin, at least for a little while. My must learn languages are Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and German. I know I oughtn't distract myself too much from math and physics, but, heh, I can't help it. And it really wouldn't be too bad to pick up a new language every four or five years, would it? "Of course we support your silly ambitions!" you reply!

Anyway, it's really cool to read something in four languages. You pick up on a lot of nuances that way.

Btw, you should all give money to help the tsunami victims. I will chip in as soon as my work decides I'm worthy of monetary remuneration for my invaluable services. I keep checking my bank account and my balance remains "$0.00". What's up with that?

Now, keep in mind, you should donate your money wisely. The absolute worst way to help tsunami victims would be invest in my plan which involves dumping two and a half trillion tons of jello-mix into the pacific ocean. Hey, it *might* work!