And society continues to crumble...

Apparently, murder is no longer a crime. Or, at least, not something you deserve worse than probation for. Judge: "She doesn't appear to be a bad person."

It's a good thing for that judge that I don't possess the presidential power of commuting/annuling sentences, because I would have to give a stern warning to anyone thinking of pulling a hit on him that they might very well face a sentence of "probation" if they did.

It seems that marrying a corpse, on the otherhand, is actually considered a crime. Hmm... if there are people that desperate, maybe there *is* a chance that I will someday find a significant other. (Well, as long as there are no good looking dead guys around.)

You communists Democrats better get ready, the World Socialist Website has this story on Bush's plan to resubmit his "ultra-right judicial nominees." Man, you know CPUSA has got to be majorly peeved that their man lost the election.

What would a judge do if you stole his gavel? If I were that judge, I would throw the book at you. Unless you'd stolen the book, too, then I guess I would just have to let you off.

In a more personal note, I have been introduced to the wonder of potato guns. Check out this semi-automatic beauty. Pneumantic and combustion based plans. Note: before you get too excited, remember that potato guns are not legal everywhere (I sure hope they're legal here!) so be sure to have some lame excuse handy in case anyone asks you about your gun. Example: "Excuse me, sir, but is that a spudgun you're packing?" "No, sir, it's er, um, uh, it's a wizzamuhfadget." "A wizzamuhfadget!?" "Yes, a wizzamuhfadget." "Well, as long as it's not a spudgun. . . ."