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This land is full of trousers!
this land is full of mausers!
And pussycats to eat them when the sun goes down!

-- Firesign Theater

Me, I like cats, Well, any cat that isn't one of my cats. My cats have made some kind of evil pact to destroy me. But I don't know that robo-cats are such a good idea. There are three things that define a cat:
1. Likes to sleep in puddles of sunshine.
2. Likes to eat.
3. Has an insatiable lust for power.

A robotic cat doesn't eat, and probably wouldn't bask in sunshine (unless it is solar powered), which means #3 would be its primary concern. And if you remember what happened the last time cats managed to establish themselves as relative deities, mankind ended up hauling 20-ton stone blocks many miles to build pyrimidal structures. Why? Cause cats are sadistic, that's why.

Presently, the cat robots can't walk, and you may think "Well, ha! Can't subjugate mankind if you can't walk!" Well, you're wrong, they can, and it will only make things worse once they gain control because now when they ask us to haul 20-ton stone blocks around some desert in 120 degree heat the cats will have an excuse! "Nope, sorry, you'll have to haul the blocks. I'd do it, but I can't walk, so I guess it's up to you."

So let's lay off silly robotic-cat stuff and do something useful, like make a talking fish.

In other news, the French get a gay TV chanel. And here I thought all French TV channels were gay!

Also the U.S. has given the nod to Korean refugees (thanks to Dubya for posting the story, and curse him for not posting a link to it!). Apparently, folks just can't get out of North Korea fast enough, and this outflux of refugees stands to cause trouble for both NK and it's neighboring countries. Can't say I blame them. If the poofy haired freak ran my country, I think I'd be leaving too. Unless he can fit in a really small car and make balloon animals. Then I would pop his balloon animals and make him cry.

Then he would probably have me executed. Stupid murderous dictators... no sense of humor I tell you! No sense of humor at all!

But, in all seriousness, Kim Jong Il should change his national anthem to "Send in the Clowns".

Finally, my blogosphere hero Frank J. linked to me yesterday! Little old me! I can die a happy man! Well, if John Kerry wins I can at least die an embittered dissident who was linked to by Frank J. (given the circumstances, the obituary would probably have something to do with socialized medicine).

Harvey of Bad Example also posted a link to me at the Alliance. :)

Thanks for helping a little upstart blog edge his way into the blogosphere! And sorry about the lack of trackbacks and whatnot... my "blog" isn't really a blog from a webdesign standpoint, and it doesn't support them.

P.S. At this point, I have gotten over a thousand unique visitors. I know that may sound like a pittance to other blogs, but I'm just glad a few folks have been duped enticed into viewing my site! Please come back!