Links, links, links

I'm a bit overwhelmed with classwork at present, tomorrow I am leaving to ramble on at the CHECS conference, I'm coming back on Friday, and then leaving again on a men's retreat (I think). So, I promise something special on Monday, but this will probably be my last post until then. Whilst I panickedly finish up my lab report which is due in 6 hours, here are some nifty links for your amusement:

The Top 100 Things I'd do if I Ever Became an Evil Overlord:

Ways to Catch a Lion:

This Is the Title of This Story, Which Is Also Found Several Times in the Story Itself:

IT review for the optional kitten module (every PC should have one):

The last one is in the links section, the rest are classics which you've probably seen some of before.

Sorry for not making them clickable--I wasn't kidding at all about being pressed for time.

So, remember, Monday I will be back. Ctrl+D to bookmark yours truly in the meantime. Live bookmark me if you have Firefox (RSS icon in the lower left) if only because live bookmarks are cool. Heck, I'll bookmark anything that has an RSS feed. :p

But, uh, yeah, that lab report. Arrivederci, my loyal legions.