A new Jibjab parody is out. Bound to amuse a few, at least.

And here I am, back at college, toiling away.

There's a new RA in town. His name is "Derick". Bah. I miss "Ben". I made a costume for our first meeting: a mad hatter's hat, a plunger strapped around my right shoulder, and a transparent plastic skirt made out bedsheet packaging with another see-through purse full of silverware taped on one side and an electric switch taped on the otherside with black and red wires running to my purse. I also brought along a book on Hegelian philosophy. But he was unphased. No matter. I will break him eventually (and maybe get Ben back!)

My present endeavor is to spam the hall with llama paraphernalia. So far I have put up large "der llama kommt" signs on all four wings of my hall, and I've been taking down names from the door nametags so I can photoshop new ones with llamas on them. Next, I will start sliding llama pictures under doors and taping them to windows with the ominous "der llama kommt" slogan in white lettering. Soon, the llama shall reign supreme, BUWAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Anyway, I apologize if posting declines, but it looks like I'm really going to have to work my butt off this semester. On the bright side, I have great professors again. My math professor is scottish! I will render a kilt in his honor!