Impressions on Bush's state of the union address:


  • Nuclear power
  • Fixing social security
  • Revamping the tax code
  • Killing terrorists dead
  • Cutting government programs
  • Cutting the deficit
  • Cutting taxes
  • Fighting frivolous lawsuits
  • Ending partial-birth abortion


  • Giving $350 million to the Palestinians (What's up with this? An extra-special-surprise bonus on top of the $20,000 a pop they got for blowing up Israelis?)
  • Letting illegal immigrants run amuck
  • Increased Pell grants (READ)
  • $400 billion for Medicare. Way to *not* be a conservative!.
  • Random other frivolous spending

    All in all, I can hardly see how the programs Bush purports to cut could possibly make up for all his random spending. Oh well.