I drew a comic!

It's been scaled down a bit because there is a silly restriction that the max dimension is 450pixels, but this is a comic I spent all last night working on for a friends' webcomic contest: (sorry, don't remember the link)

It may look simple to you, but I really don't have the slightest iota of artistic talent. I can composite existing artwork and that's it. So to draw this guy consisted primarily of drawing squiggels and erasing them until eventually something that looked reasonably like a face, an arm, etc. manifested on to the screen.

The contest has a theme every week, this week's theme being "Captain Nappie". I'm probably not going to make a series out of this particular comic because pretty much the same thing happens everytime Captain Nappie fights crime, and it's not very exciting. Sadly, napping just isn't a spectator sport.