Guilt Trip

Don't you hate it when commercials come on that show pictures of little kids, with those big round eyes that are just cute and who look sad, and just need a little of your money to carry on.... kids just like this one....

Patient of the Month

Alethea McIlrath
18 months old

You selfish unfeeling brute! Why don't you help them out? I'm sure you could forgo the new "Some-Meaningless-Phrase-We-Repeat-Over-and-Over-Again" CD and help a kid get chemotherapy. Heck, the 5 gajillion decibel drum in the background of the music you listen to was probably what gave the kid cancer in the first place.

The point is that I am not the least bit above guilt-tripping you into supporting St. Jude charity (a children's research hospital) on impetus from a friend.

It is my personal opinion that everyone should tithe 10% of their income to charity. You might not be so compelled, but come on, you can spare a couple of bucks. If not for St. Jude, then for some other worthwhile charity.

The donate link will remain on the right sidebar for the rest of the month, when I'll probably replace it with some other charity. Don't make me come after you with the sad, sad puppy dog eyes. Cause I will.