Great day for democrats!

Just look at these happy Kerry supporters!

Overjoyous Kerry supporters!

They couldn't be more thrilled!

I, personally, think that this should not be a time of partisanness, or dividedness, or petty bickering. We are all above that. No, this is a time for... gloating! At least if you're a Republican. I suppose you could still gloat if you were a Democrat, it would just be a little... odd.

Even the liberal, which suddenly decided to predict a Kerry win on Monday and had pro-Kerry numbers up all yesterday, now has Kerry at 252 and Bush at 286, and the gentleman behind it is suggesting a program of his for those who want to leave the country now.

I'm still suspicious New Mexico might be called for Kerry. Last I checked, with 95% of the precincts reporting, Bush had a 6 point lead, but Richardson still might "find" votes for Kerry, if it's even worth doing now that Bush has definitively won Ohio. That's just the way things work in my state. It's notorious.

Courtesy John Hawkins, it seems our good buds at DemocratUnderground are taking things rather well:
-- We're rmoving to Canada
-- Resistance or secession?
-- Poll: Where will you move to if Bush wins?
-- If * prevails, I hope the draft is announced by the end of the year...
-- Get ready for the return of the Dark Age.
-- Doom! DOOOM!!!
-- People, we should have stormed the polling places...
-- They are gonna ******* steal it and there is NOTHING we can do about it.
-- Anybody drunk yet?

It's a great day to be alive!

Now I can finally go back to hammering the President for not being fiscally conservative enough. Poor guy, he'll never have it easy, will he?

Well, it would be an even better day if I didn't have a diffy q exam in 5 hours. I should probably go figure out what the heck it's on.