Election Tuesday! Yay!

So, it's election day, and I don't have a clue where to go vote. I went to MyPollingPlace.com and they said my polling place is at... "Admin Office". Well, great. Hopefully that is some place on campus, but Tech doesn't have any buildings called "Admin Office". Whatever happened to street addresses?

Well, maybe I will just look for a huge linear accumulation of people. That's one of the great things about voter apathy... shorter lines. Plus, the less people who vote, the more my vote counts. Therefore, you should all not vote, and I will choose who gets to be president, and I won't even have to wait in line to do it.

But, unfortunately, long lines are simply a part of election day. Another part of election day is Pole Watchers. The purpose of a Pole Watcher is to keep track of Polish people and make sure they don't vote in the election. Why, I don't know. Maybe they're worried about the Pope getting in.

I wonder who Bush and Kerry will vote for? If I were running, I would vote for the other guy, just to be contrary from what people expect. John Kerry might vote for Bush just because, well, how could he pass up the opportunity for the Ultimate Flip-flop?

If the exit pollsters ask, I will tell them that I voted for Saddam Hussein. If I'm lucky, I will get a 5 second spot on the local news and embarrass my entire family. It's the small things in life....

Well, I will try not to have a nervous breakdown "watching" the elections. It's not like the winner will be called until morning, and then it will be another two months of litigation before we actually know who the president is.

Oh well.