God bless the people of Iraq--may they remain forever free

"It is only the warlike power of a civilized people that can give peace to the world." --Theodore Roosevelt

First thing's first, hoorah for the elections in Iraq!

According to Interested Participant, voter turnout was at 70%+. This, in spite of Zarqawi making a nuisance of himself. Guess what, Zarqawi? A minimum 70% of Iraqis think you're full of crap!

This makes me very happy! :)

Here's a slide show of the elections I picked up, not quite sure wherefrom. I believe I recognize the tune as John William's "Olympic Fanfare and Theme." EDIT: triplepoint217 (correctly) notes that it is actually Aaron Copland's "Fanfare to the Common Man."

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Anyway, on to duh newz...

First the homefront:

Chartwells, the food caterers here at Tech, have started labelling the 'food' in the cafeteria. That gray runny stuff I've mentioned, for example, is actually called "stew". Well, that's what the sign says. I'm not entirely sure whether the food is actually named stew or if that's just a pseudonym. You know, a nom de plume. Maybe they meant "Stew" with a capital 'S', although I don't think it's really that helpful to anthropomorphize it. Hey, that gives me an idea. Next time the serving staff asks me what I want, I'm going to go up to each of the entrees and ask them "Excuse me Mr. , but are you delicious today?"

Chartwells has also started having the kitchen staff put the food on our trays, instead of letting us get it ourselves. Why, I don't know. They can't possibly be worried about anybody trying to steal it, and it's supposed to be a "buffet" anyway. Maybe they're there as "overseers", you know, just to make sure none of the entrees try to make a brake for it while nobody's looking.

Lastly they've started incorporating Vegan meals into the menu. Like, half the food. Just one thing about that though... WE DON'T HAVE ANY VEGANS HERE! Not any that eat in the cafeteria, at least. Since they started doing this, I have seen *one person* get some of the Vegan stuff. That was *me* because I wanted to find out what tofu tasted like!

*pant* *pant* *pant* < /end rant>

More later....

Iowahawk has this hilarious, if somewhat morbid, Kennedy satire. If you don't get it, google "chappaquiddick". (Hattip: Flying Space Monkey)

Two heads are better than one, they say. Of course, they also say that crime never pays, and that's just a load of bullock.

In fact, there is quite a stir over the missing $9-billion in Iraq. What did they do, put it in their back pocket with the hole in it?

More on the elections: "Saddam's Absence on Ballot Thrills Iraqis". Is that guy still around? Why? Don't tell me it's because they don't have an execution chamber, Saddam built hundreds of them!

Another picture!

German women who refuse to prostitute themselves may lose unemployment benefits. Boy, Bill Clinton would have loved that!

On the up and up, a student who killed and cooked a guinea pig and rabbit for his survival class will not be charged. Yes, yes, I know, they're cute and fuzzy, but it really would be dumb to prosecute him over sentimentality. As a matter of fact, guinea meat is popular in several Latin American regions, and you can get rabit meat just about anywhere, including here in the U.S.

Another student is suing because she got the paddle. You know, I really don't see that paddling having happened if she'd set her mind against it. Girls that old can put up quite a fight. I think what she could really use is another good paddling. This time, use a canoe paddle.

Bringing back horrible memories of Honors English class, it seems the tomb of old King Gilgamesh may have been found. I just hope they don't find any more ancient manuscripts. I would hate to have to write more essays about that guy!

Lastly, be sure to read Michelle Malkin's commentary on how the French are "helping" out with tsunami relief efforts.