So, English today was boring, as usual. I woke up early to finish some reading from our text, "Science and Technology." So far, everything I've read in that book has either been about 1. feminism 2. evironmentalism. One essay was even about eco-feminism!

Not that that had any relevance to class today. We didn't actually learn anything about English. My professor had her friend, the wildlife reserve conservationist, give a lecture.

Well, heck, this is an engineering school anyway, we only have English classes to get accredidation, so I guess it doesn't really matter whether they spend it teaching actual English or indoctrinating us.

But really, eco-feminism? How in blazes did they come up with that nutball idea?


Two existentialist philosophers are heading to breakfast in their pajamas, each carrying a stack of essays.

Absorbed in their reading, they run into each other and drop their essays.

"Ow! Hey, you got your feminism papers in my ecology papers!"
"Hey, you got your ecology papers in my feminism papers!"

Suddenly, they exclaim in unison:



We have another essay coming up. The professor lets us suggest topics. I think I should invent some bizarre compound words of my own like "electro-capitalism" "paleo-voyeurism" or even "semi-chromatic-hyper-endo-dyslexism" and make up some 'relevant' essay questions.

Or maybe I'll just go take a nap.

Yeah, I think, I'll take a nap.