A $30 million opportunity.

This is my latest letter to our Nigerian friend.

Dear Mr. Uhururu

I got the death certificate you sent me and am very sad to see that Mr. Galvez
has died of brain drain. I had a friend once (he was on overwork grad student)
who died of brain drain; it was very sad.

You said that you have moved the money out from a Security Company in Europe. I
am confused. Where is it now?

You also say that I need to present myself as next of kind to the deceased. Do
I need to come to Nigeria to do that? I can book a flight, if necessary. Do
you know of any good hotels in Nigeria?

I am considering the sharing ratio most fair, but if it pleases you perhaps
after you have obtained your money you may want to consider investing some in my
business. It is small but growing fast.

My company is the Prancing Pony (it is an inn of sorts). We are located at 3406
Juan Tabo, Albuquerque NM 87112-1483.
And you can call me at 8356336. I don't have a private fax anymore--I just use
my business fax. Is that okay? The reason I stopped using my private fax is
because I already have my business fax and I have a scanner at home so I can
just scan stuff and email it to people.

What exactly is it that you want for bank account details? My account is at the
Wells Fargo bank. I'm a little uneasy giving out my account number and that
kind of thing over email. I do not mean to insult you or anything, but it is
just that sharing that kind of information has always made me sort of nervous.
Well, tell me what it is you need to know.

With much gratitude and blessing,