Holy Cheeses!

Inspired by the History Channel and Geoffrey Chaucer.

When the Jews once slaved on Egypt's soil,
God spared them from their life of toil,
But just as quick they were downbeat
To find they had no food to eat.
So the Jews, they cried "Hosanna!"
Therefore God then sent them manna.
But what if rather than holy bread
God had sent them cheese instead?
Feta brought in blocks from Crete,
Great balls of Gouda, smoked and sweet.
Romano, M√ľnster, and Gruyere.
Colby-jack (to name a pair),
Roquefort with its striking veins
And Danublu, made by Danes.
Ricotta cheese that comes from whey,
Camembert culled soft and grey.
Cheese that varies in how it ripes
Producing untold tastes and types
Salty, piquant, or a subtle nut,
Plus Limburger, which smells like butt.
Now imagine Moses in his great surprise,
When hurling forth from Heaven's skies
Drops wheels of every kind of cheese
Causing serious injuries.


Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

you used to write for monty python, didn't you? this one beats their actual 'cheese shop' sketch.