Where do you want me to go with this blog?

I've never really bothered to find a theme for my blog, I guess it's about time I figured one out, though.

Originally, this was meant to be a humor blog, but it seems I don't have a lot of time to work on material, and I don't know that I'm very good at the type of terse periodic humor that's appropriate for a blog. My fort? is parodies and short stories.

I suppose it could be a news blog, something like a mixture between Interested-Participant and Best of the Web, both of which I really like. Of course, I think I would have to start covering real stories and do so more regularly.

I could write more essays.

I could also even write some (*GASP!*) serious essays, favorite topics including politics, philosophy, theology, and science.

My chief enemy is time, which I really don't have much of at all, and which is why I'd like to narrow down the purpose of this blog a bit.

Does anyone have any opinions? Stuff you've liked vs. not? Stuff you would like to see in the future? Maybe you would rather I gave up blogging altogether and became a beet farmer?