Ways to Have Fun with Jury Duty

These are some ways I've thought up to make juror duty a bit more entertaining for all the affiliated parties. :)

  • Take a dry erase board with you and set it up in the jury stand. Use tally marks to keep track of points for the prosecution and the defense.
  • Bring your own gavel. Use it frequently.
  • Wear a Pat Buchanan lapel pin (guaranteed to freak out both the defense and the prosecution).
  • Wear dark sunglasses and take along a walking stick and a "seeing-eye-gerbil".
  • Right when the trial starts, lunge up out of your seat, point at the defense,and shout "GUILTY!" at the top of your lungs.
  • Bring a bucket of bouncy balls. ;)
  • Come dressed as a clown. Apologize profusely to the judge and say you got off work late.
  • Bring a bottle of Arizona ice tea in brown paper bag. Take big swigs from the bag througout the trial.
  • Give the foreman "personal notes" to pass to the judge. Sign them with the foreman's name.
  • Take advantage of jury confidentiality to confess your own dastardly crimes; comment on where the defense went wrong in covering his tracks.
  • Remain completely silent throughout the entire trial until it's time to issue the verdict, then ask, "?Qu?? ?Podr?a usted repetir eso en espa?ol por favor?"
  • If you make eye contact with the defense, lull your tongue out and roll up your eyes like you're being lynched.
  • When the foreman asks you whether you think the defendant is guilty or innocent, flip a coin before giving him your answer.
  • When discussing the proceedings with your fellow jurors, relate everything that has been said to personal stories from your childhood.
  • Snag briefs off the prosecution's desk with a sticky hand.