Pull up those pants, you hoodlums, and no more shaving your eyebrows!

No word back from the Frenchman. I fear he may have been caught. Perhaps I should have sent him encrypted emails.

Well, we'll just have to make the best of it.

In other news, some Yale students duped Harvard fans into spelling out "WE SUCK":

Here's the site they set up (includes video): http://www.harvardsucks.org/

Apparently, the President is now being guarded by a TV repair company. Well, there goes my evil plot to overthrow the government using a broken UHF receiver. Darn.

In Japan, there will be no more shaving of eyebrows, at least not if you want to play baseball. I guess in America kids wear baggy clothes and in Japan they shave their eyebrows. Go figure.

If you think you can keep secrets, well, your brain might just rat you out. Not a problem for me; my brain doesn't know the half of what I do. For instance, I rarely, if ever, tell my brain where I put my glasses. It makes them very difficult to find, but if any time-traveling KGB agents kidnap me and scan my brain, it will all be in futility because they still will not know where my glasses are! So ha!

Some Canadians (members of the Reynold's family?) stole a puppy, making their getaway with inline skates. If they'd try to pull the same stunt here in New Mexico, they would have had to lug around quite a bit of water and liquid nitrogen to get anywhere. Our only exports are 'sand' and 'at least it's a dry heat'. Personally, I think their chief mistake was that they didn't have a jetpack. Anybody who has watched Wile E. Coyote knows that skates won't do much for you unless you have a jetpack to go with them.

Finally, a friend of mine put together his own site over the past week or so to combat the evil that is Sealand. You should check him out, but beware, he is at least as nuts as I am.