The Mysterious Man from a Mysterious War

Not quite a full episode yet, but I may be adding more over the weekend as time permits. . . "AIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"
Bush and his band of "marauders" descended on the Osama bin Laden caravan with their swords raised high and glinting in the sun. Their black robes rippled and their llamas gnashed their teeth fiercely as they charged with full speed at the hapless terrorists.
"Allah, protect me!" Osama bin Laden cried.
An ominous voice answered back, "Dude, like, whatever! They got big swords!"
Osama bin Pappy tugged at Osama bin Laden's arm.
"We have no choice! We must flee!"
"Yes, flee! Flee! Run awayyyyy!"
In vain the terrorists tried to gather themselves together to make an escape. Soon, Bush and his "marauders" would quickly overtake them.
Just as it looked like doom for the terrorists, a second band of riders dressed in white and armed with scimitars galloped out from an alleyway and broke Bush's charge.
"Hey!" Bush shouted. "What's the matter with you."
"Me?" A voice sounded back. "Don't you know who I am?"
Bush gasped.
"You're, you're..." he paused. "You're..."
"No, come to think of it, I really don't know who you are you."
The figure stepped forward and removed the scarf concealing his face.
"It is I!"
"Umm... 'I' who?"
"That name does sound awfully familiar..."
"You fool! If not for your stupid 'moral message' I would be president! And I have formed a band of marauders of my own to stop you from capturing bin Laden and to claim him for myself! Then the world will see who really would have been a better president!"