And remember: Evil will always prevail, because Good is dumb.

On special assignment from the Alliance, I decided I ought to go investigate Glenn Reynold's trash. You know, a little "forensic analysis" to find out what he's been up to lately.

Oh no! The horror!

Glenn Reynold

Wait a minute, that's just his recyclables. Whoops, sorry, false alarm.

Actually, here is Glenn Reynold's trash:

Glenn Reynold

At first glance, it looks pretty normal. But look in the lower left corner. Why, it's an unmurdered hobo! What in the world would an unmurdered hobo be doing on Evil Glenn's property? Is Glenn just getting negligent? Or is he up to something even more insidious?

Well, no sense in turning back. I decided to dig around in the garbage and look for more clues.

And this is what I found:

Frank J.

That's right! He's planning to kill Frank!